SC teachers bring schoolwork to quarantined students in rural villages

Covid19 has closed all schools around Cambodia, making it nearly impossible for students to access the education sections. On top of that hundreds of families are now facing dropping their schooling due to the impact of the pandemic and many students are looking for jobs to supplement their family’s income.

SC teachers work with students’ parents and their communities to bring opportunities and build an at-home learning environment. All schools here in Cambodia are still locked down and there is a strong restriction from the royal government that does not allow student or citizen gatherings.

SC teachers are working closely with local village parents it conduct lessons at the students’ homes with a teacher being the facilitator and giving schoolwork, then collecting it back for corrections every week.

SC teachers work locally, alongside the communities that they serve, provide teaching, follow up, and do home visits in sustainable ways to create the most opportunities for the students. Here are the activities for our teachers during a pandemic when schools are locked down:

  1. Teachers Activities
  • Work together to share experiences
  • Prepare the lessons and make teaching materials ready when school starts
  • Do home visits
  • Make monthly plans for Khmer, Math, and English teachers to prepare the lessons and handouts for all the students to get them to do at home

2. Students Activities

  • Completing coursework at home and having it ready for the teachers to collect.
  • Coming to the SC library to check out books.
  • 12th Graders (in small groups and socially distanced) have access to the computer lab for their E-learning sources. School subjects including Math, Khmer, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry for their final national state exam.

We are working towards the quality of education in Cambodia to ensure that every student can have the opportunity of a better life and the chance of making a difference in their families and communities. The first step on this journey is to give them an education. It is not an easy journey in the best of times, but with your support and the commitment of these strong hardworking teachers, it is possible.

You can learn about Sustainable Cambodia’s education projects here. And you can contact us here if you want to know more about our work and the impact we are making in the lives of many Cambodian children and families.

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