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Female, 22 years old
Birthdate: 09/10/1996
NoHome Life Sponsored
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Biography last updated: 05-May-2016

My name is Sokly. I don't have any sisters and I have three brothers. My parents are farmers. I am a student from KBFC. I finished high school in 2015. I currently study in year I at Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh.

SC scholarship had change my life to be better than before because I can continues my study at University I can get new knowledge for my study at University and I know that in my country needs the people have knowledge to work. So I am very grateful to SC scholarship that support me to have good opportunity like this.

I want to say thanks so much to my sponsor that support me and I try to study hard to make my dream come true. I wish you good luck all the times and get successful with your jobs.

When I graduate from University, my dream is about the job. I want to have a good job that can get money to support for my family and myself too. Moreover, I want to help children that they have no ability to continue at high school or University. If I have my own business I will support them like my sponsor support me too.

Sokly LE
Sokly LE
Sokly LE