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Female, 21 years old
Birthdate: 12/28/1998

Biography last updated: 12-Jul-2017

Hello! My name is Seam Kimhouy. I am a student in grade 12 at High State School. My father is a motorbike taxi driver and my mother is a housewife. I have two brothers and one sister. In my free time, I like watching TV. With my family, I like to eat dinner and watch television together. With my friends, I like to talk and eat.

I attend to study at Sustainable Cambodia because I want to learn English. As a student, I really like reading. My favorite subject at State School is Math because it is an easy subject for me to learn. My favorite subject at SC is English because I want to speak with foreigners. A special skill or talent or interest I have is making up. A subject I want to study more about is English. The name of a book I really like is “Kong Rey mountain”. The kind of music I like is “Popular music”. A sport I like to play is football. A place I would like to visit is Kam Pong Som City, it’s a city with a lovely  beach in Cambodia. When I grow up I want to be a shopkeeper because I can make money to support my family.

Kimhouy SEAM
Kimhouy SEAM
Kimhouy SEAM
Kimhouy SEAM
Kimhouy SEAM
Kimhouy SEAM