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Male, 25 years old
Birthdate: 08/02/1992
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Biography last updated: 17-Feb-2016

Narim is a boy who studies in grade 12 in High School. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. In free time he helps his parents with housework such as feeding the pigs, playing kids’ games with friends, reading book, swimming, and doing homework.

He attends Sustainable Cambodia because he gets the supplementary classes without payment. He likes reading books in the library, he can enjoy in Youth Club, use computer and when all students finish high school they get scholarship to study at university. His favorite subject is English because it helps him speak English very well with foreign, and he wants to use it for his future job.

Besides, friends and his family are very important to him because they always encourage and motivate him when he feels down, always gives him good advises, make him laugh whenever he was sad. Narim works hard on his family’s farm. After a long day’s work they like to relax over a good meal together, and talk about their days. he would like to learn to do is to set the program for the computer because he wants be a computer programmer as his job in the future.